Virginia Beach Taxi Service Rates

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First, as President of Atlantic Coast Cab Company I want to take a brief moment of your time and personally welcome you to Atlantic Coast Cab Company’s website and Thank You for visiting us.

Skip Sawyer

You need to know, for your own peace-of-mind, that all cab company rates are regulated by the City of Virginia Beach. All fares are determined by a taximeter, flat rates are ILLEGAL period. If any company or driver quotes you a flat rate “rider beware”, you’re probably getting riped-off. Discounts off of the meter are however permitted at either the company’s discression or the driver’s. We here at Atlantic Coast Cab do offer all of our customers a discount coupon, displayed below that you can print out, or simply ask the driver for one.This coupon gives you up to a 20% discount off the meter and does go up to $100.

REMEMBER: Six can ride for the same price as one.

First One Eighth Mile or Fraction $3.25
Each Succesive (One Eighth Mile or Fraction at 12 MPH or better) $0.30
Below 12 MPH, each minute $0.30
Trunks, Seabags or baggage if driver assists in loading to/from curb, each $0.50
Waiting Time per Minute $0.30


Feel free to call us, day or night for an estimate and don’t forget to take advantage of our discount coupon.

We are a full-service cab company with the emphasis on service. We offer executive sedans including Lincoln Town Cars, Town & Country Mini-vans, a Full-size Conversion Van and when Mother Nature has a bad attitude we have several 4WD Jeeps to keep us up and running. Our latest addition to the fleet is a Lincoln Town Car Ultimate “L” series which offers an additional 6 inches of legroom. With that in mind, my question to you is: Why ride in a Chevrolet when you can ride in the Lap-of-Luxury for the same price?

It’s funny, I’ve visited all of the websites for the local cab companies. Everyone of them claim to be the best cab company in the area. We are the ONLY cab company in the Greater Hampton Roads area that is an Accredited member of the Better Business Bureau and we have an A+ rating. So who is really the BEST? “WE ARE!!!!!!”