Taxi Services for Sports Events in Virginia

One of the things that we get to enjoy here in Virginia Beach is a variety of sporting events, from beach volley ball tournaments, little league, marathons, golf tournaments, arena football, soccer as well school football, basketball and baseball games.

One of the major headaches going to these events is the hassle of finding a place to park and what’s worse than that is trying to get out of that parking lot when you have a mass exodus. That can take the fun out of going in the first place. So, why not just take a cab and let somebody else get the migraine instead of you.

At some events the consumption of alcohol is allowed and nobody should leave a game and run the risk of getting busted for DUI. That’s without a doubt the best reason for taking a cab to and from a game.

Another thing you should consider is how far you need to walk to and from your car, you may be parked out in the boondocks and who can enjoy a game after walking a country mile. Oh, don’t forget sometimes you may have to pay to park.

The solution is simple call Atlantic Coast Cab and ride in comfort and style without any of the hassles. Most times there are drop-off points that a cab can get to that you can’t with a private car.

Reservations are always available. We suggest that you call 24 hours in advance and let us know how many cabs you need. That way you’ll know that you’ll be able to enjoy the entire game, not just the second half.